March 20, 2011

Girls are Athletes – Not Tomboys .. Part 2

I was just reading through some of the older blog posts, and this one inspired me!!  I am reposting, enjoy!


Part 2:

I'm Eve's friend, and a "retired" Olympian.  I was on the 1988 Olympic Women's rowing team, and coached rowing from 1982 on at UPenn, Harvard and University of NH until I switched to teaching in 1998.   My daughter now rows at Yale.

I LOVE that logo.  Do it.  I'll buy the shirt.


Part 1:

At BAGT we have many slogans, "You Wish You Could Kick Like a Girl", "You Wish You Could Ski Like A Girl". We have – "Girls Who Play Hockey, Make Goals", "Play Like A Girl", all kinds of sayings to empower girls. Borne out of a remark from one girl – who said to her mother. … Mom, the kids say I am a tomboy – Mom says, "Davis you are not a tomboy, you are an athlete". Bingo, our star saying was launched. I was reminded of that today after receiving an e-mail from a mother of two girls. She loves the saying, and thinks it would make a great shirt. It just may happen. Thanks to Eve from NH.


November 16, 2010

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Remember that book -- Sissy with the big thumbs?  Am I dating myself? 

Cowgirls are the best.. they ride horses, barrel race, sleep out under the stars.  I dream of riding my horse all day, every day! 

If you are a real cowgirl ... or an imaginary cowgirl we have the shirt for you.  Think Christmas, birthday or just a present for yourself.  Looks great with a pair of jeans.  So get out there and Ride Like A Girl.




November 06, 2010

Ski - Snowboard - Ride Horses -- Be A Girl Today

Look for some new and interesting styles from Be A Girl -- we will be introducing new colors, long sleeve t's, throw in a hoodie and youv'e got a very fashionable look -- and fun!  Always, send us your suggestions, we listen.  Start your holiday shopping early -- we are offering a 30% discount!   Enter the code "thirty".  Expires November 20, 2010. Enjoy! 



October 30, 2010

Sometimes A Picture just Says it All!


Thank you everyone who participated in today's photo shoot! 

A special thank you to the parents! More pictures are on their way.

Thank you again!!

Paula, Andrea, Elizabeth and Mary


October 14, 2010

Female Athletes Improving Their Game Starting With Their Mouth Guard


“Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.” This makes you think about Secret deodorant, right? Well, we’re not talking about deodorant here. We’re talking about the Pure Power Mouthguard, and more and more female athletes are using them. Not only does this guard serve as quality mouth protection, but it is helping women prevent injury, and improving their athletic abilities. Yes ladies, you read that correctly. It helps prevent injury and boosts your abilities as an athlete.

Ppm The Pure Power Mouthguard is custom made for your mouth by a neuromuscular dentist, and when properly fitted it helps align the jaw and relaxes the muscles in your face which allows for upper body strength. But it doesn’t end there. When the jaw is properly aligned the head and neck are too. The spine also becomes properly aligned as well which allows for more overall strength. Because of this total alignment women are finding that the PPM enhances their athletic performance. How? Well, we know that when playing sports most injuries occur during deceleration, when an athlete is stopping, cutting, or landing. Women using PPM have noticed that they have more balance and stability, which results in fewer injuries, and they are more agile and quicker which improves their skills. So ladies, what are you waiting for? Try the Pure Power Mouthguard, if not for the enhanced athletic ability and injury prevention, then for the superior mouth protection it offers – and get your game on.

Find a dentist that offers the PPM mouthguard in your area, through Top3Dentists. Doctors like Dr. Martha Cortes, a top neuromuscular and cosmetic dentist in New York, New York, and Dr. Gary Alhadef, a top neuromuscular and cosmetic dentist in Dallas, Texas, work with athletes to custom fit the Pure Power Mouthguard. Take a look at Dr. Cortes in action fitting a patient for a PPM.

Top3Dentists is a one of a kind dental referral website. Offering only the highest standards in dental care, Top3Dentists hand selects dentists by invitation-only, so that patients will find only the most highly trained and qualified dental professionals. Every dentist participating in the Top3Dentists referral website has taken hundreds of hours of additional training and certification by the most reputable continuing education and dental organizations in the United States. For more information on PPM, and other topics like taking your children to the dentist, preventing cavities, tips for teeth whitening, and more help in finding a top dentist in your area, visit Top3Dentists Blog.


September 10, 2010

Visit Bar Harbor, Maine -- and walk through Acadia and Support.......Holly

Holly Cozzi-Burr's Fundraising Page
walking a marathon with my friends

Tonight I finished my training ride through Acadia a little late because Bailey had a soccer game. I had a great time as the air smelled of dry pine and the sun cast on Aunt Betty's Pond looked like shades of mercury. The route carried me past ferns and graded hillsides, fields and mountains, and I finally emerged on Gatehouse Hill to see the harbor bathed in pink light, all boats tied to their moorings and I pedaled harder. I have decided to walk in the MDI Marathon in my 55th year ! I get to celebrate my health and ability, get to raise money for a local charity and spend time with a lot of fun people who are doing the same. In order to enter the race I had to pledge $1,000.00, and have chosen to make the donation to the MDI Music Boosters, a worthy, hard-working group who earn money to make programing and opportunities available to our students at MDI High SchooI.

 I am really thrilled to have a connection to the high school and support the school in this way. As I got closer to home, I wondered if dinner was saved for me and I sent out another hopeful wish as well, that I would acquire enough support to be able to finance this walk. All donations will be gratefully accepted, no matter the amount. I would also be delighted to simply have a note of encouragement. My sincere thanks and appreciation for your consideration of my request.

As Always, Holly

Thank You for becoming a 'Beyond the Finish Line' fundraiser in support of The MDIHS Music Boosters. Don't forget to share the link to your personal fundraising page with your friends, family and co-workers and ask them to sponsor you.

Want to donate:  Click on the link below.





June 14, 2010

.................Say Hi to Jamie!

Shower 023

Jamie is a BAGT board member.

She is also a drummer, skiier. an amazing softball player, and

a great student.  If your a musician and want to connect with Jamie --

leave your e-mail in the comments section and I will forward it to her.




December 09, 2009

Meet the "Pink Ladies" of Juneau, Alaska


When Kris from Juneau called and asked "can you do team shirts"... we  said yes, what color??  Kris said, "pink of course".

Take a look at these great pictures (thanks Kris!)...Juneau2

  Juneau Team

Say Hello to the

Pink Ladies

and thank you for the great pictures!!


December 01, 2009

Holidays - are on their way!

We are excited -- long-sleeve ski t's are on their way.  We have added a new shirt -- the gray ski t.  It looks really cute over a thermal and with a pair of jeans.  It could be our best seller.  Almost all of us at Be a Girl ski at Sugarloaf and honestly, I cannot wait to get up there!  Actually -- some of us ski and some of us snowboard (which is not for me)....BUT I do love skiing and horses and running.  Well, you get the idea.  I am getting the November newsletter ready and it should go out in a few days.

Oh, and Faye is having her Bat Mitzvahs this week end.  Faye is from CT, skis, skates and snowboards.  She is also on the board of Be A Girl and is great at helping us with colors and ideas.  Faye was up last week end and I gave her one of the new ski shirts, she looked pretty darn  cute in it.

Stick with us -- as we add new products and develop a new look to our website.   As always, send us your pictures and comments, we LOVE hearing from you. 

All of us at BAGT wish you Happy Holidays! 


October 26, 2009

Dash of Diva... see you there


 Be A Girl will be at the Dash of Diva event to be held at the

Holiday Inn By the Bay - Thursday, October 29th from 4:30 to 9:30. 

We have some new shirts to show you and our Ride Like a Girl hats will be available.


Check it out

Dash of Diva.


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