April 01, 2012

Maine Women's Rugy

Be A Girl Today doesn't have a rugby shirt -- but I had to post this picture. It's just too good not to.



May 02, 2011

Sugarloaf Crunch.... Or Meet Us On The Mountain

What a week end at Sugarloaf!  A marriage -- the bride was beautiful, we danced all night, the food was great.  Smiling faces and fun -- that is what it's all about!  My favorite ice cream vendor, from right here in Maine, Stone Fox Farm Creamery, presented us with pints of their delicious ice cream:  Sugarloaf Crunch.  It was the very best, what a treat.  We all wish it could have lasted longer.  What a wonderful week end at Sugarloaf!!




April 02, 2011

Hannah Storm.....

I was listening (not watching...multitasking) Gayle King as she talked to Hannah Storm about her book "Raising Healthy Confident and Successful Daughters Through Sports".

That is right up our alley -- I haven't read the book but will order it today write about it.  I was thinking that it would be such a great thing for the mothers of young girls and women to read.  Just a little info --


March 19, 2011

Still offering our 20% discount on soccer shirts!

Hey everyone! Spring is coming and you can get out there and play your favorite sports. For some of you that is soccer. Enter the code "Soccer2" and get a 20% discount. Don't forget to take a look at our new shirt "Volunteer" priced reasonably at $14.00 ---- all proceeds to benefit WatOPot Orphanage, Cambodia.




November 18, 2010

Soccer....Yes! Kick Like A Girl

We have a great t-shirt for soccer!!  It also comes with a super discount of 30%.  Get a start on your Christmas Shopping.  Enter the code:  Kick.  This offer expires 12/15/2010.  Enjoy!! 



November 01, 2010

Can you pick the best picture? I can't!

On Saturday, in Portland (Maine)...we had our first professional photo shoot.  It was so much fun and the pictures, WHAT can I say, they are really beautiful.  Take a good look -- and pick your favorite.  As for me, I couldn't possibly pick a favorite.

There are six pictures total -- so keep scrolling!!







October 14, 2010

Female Athletes Improving Their Game Starting With Their Mouth Guard


“Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.” This makes you think about Secret deodorant, right? Well, we’re not talking about deodorant here. We’re talking about the Pure Power Mouthguard, and more and more female athletes are using them. Not only does this guard serve as quality mouth protection, but it is helping women prevent injury, and improving their athletic abilities. Yes ladies, you read that correctly. It helps prevent injury and boosts your abilities as an athlete.

Ppm The Pure Power Mouthguard is custom made for your mouth by a neuromuscular dentist, and when properly fitted it helps align the jaw and relaxes the muscles in your face which allows for upper body strength. But it doesn’t end there. When the jaw is properly aligned the head and neck are too. The spine also becomes properly aligned as well which allows for more overall strength. Because of this total alignment women are finding that the PPM enhances their athletic performance. How? Well, we know that when playing sports most injuries occur during deceleration, when an athlete is stopping, cutting, or landing. Women using PPM have noticed that they have more balance and stability, which results in fewer injuries, and they are more agile and quicker which improves their skills. So ladies, what are you waiting for? Try the Pure Power Mouthguard, if not for the enhanced athletic ability and injury prevention, then for the superior mouth protection it offers – and get your game on.

Find a dentist that offers the PPM mouthguard in your area, through Top3Dentists. Doctors like Dr. Martha Cortes, a top neuromuscular and cosmetic dentist in New York, New York, and Dr. Gary Alhadef, a top neuromuscular and cosmetic dentist in Dallas, Texas, work with athletes to custom fit the Pure Power Mouthguard. Take a look at Dr. Cortes in action fitting a patient for a PPM.

Top3Dentists is a one of a kind dental referral website. Offering only the highest standards in dental care, Top3Dentists hand selects dentists by invitation-only, so that patients will find only the most highly trained and qualified dental professionals. Every dentist participating in the Top3Dentists referral website has taken hundreds of hours of additional training and certification by the most reputable continuing education and dental organizations in the United States. For more information on PPM, and other topics like taking your children to the dentist, preventing cavities, tips for teeth whitening, and more help in finding a top dentist in your area, visit Top3Dentists Blog.


June 01, 2010

Youth Dressage Festival (YDF)

Youth What a great thing!  Dressage for kids. This year's festival will be held July 9-11 --at Saugerties, New York. 

 One of my new favorite groups of girls to watch is D4K (Dressage For Kids) based out of Pineland Farms - right here in Maine.  BAGT is trying to keep up with their events and sales and hoping to sponsor them next year.  I can only say one thing......I am truly jealous. 

How much fun are they going to have competing, meeting new friends, learning new things, RIDING horses!  AND to top it all off, they have world-class trainers.  Please, can I ride, too!


To that I say go out there and Ride Like A Girl!!


May 29, 2010

......... Ride Like A Girl - Equestrian

One of my favorite pictures.



May 21, 2010

Ride Like A Girl - Equestrian T's

Seriously -- e-mail me, phone me, write me, just let me know what colors you would like to see for t-shirts.  My friend Megan (D4K), says more colors, I say what colors.  Let me know.

The website will be getting a new face and not to be a tease, but it's very cool.  It's the shirts that are getting to me, colors, WHAT, colors I say.  Let me know.  Meanwhile, go out there and Ride Like A Girl (or whatever you do, ski, jump, run, snowboard) just have a great time, I know we do.

Also, we are looking for a sales person, either on the east coast of the west coast --email us:

info@beagirltoday.com -- if you are interested in the details. 



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