December 11, 2012

Get Out There and Kick Like A Girl!!

Our soccer shirt -- always a favorite!!  Order yours today.  Enter the code "Free2012" for free shipping.

Happy Holidays -- all you soccer girls and women.


The back of this shirt says: You Wish You Could Kick Like A Girl


February 09, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day.......Soccer Girls! (and women)


Valentine's Day brings a discount for you. We are offering a 20% discount on all shirts, both adult and children's sizes -- AND we are including a free sticker of your choice.

Enter the code: soccer20 for children's sizes and soccer20adult for adult sizes.

This offer expires on February 29, 2012.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Leap Year!


May 05, 2011

Go Ahead --- Throw Like A Girl

Kick, jump, throw, ski – like a girl! Check out our sports related apparel!



March 19, 2011

Still offering our 20% discount on soccer shirts!

Hey everyone! Spring is coming and you can get out there and play your favorite sports. For some of you that is soccer. Enter the code "Soccer2" and get a 20% discount. Don't forget to take a look at our new shirt "Volunteer" priced reasonably at $14.00 ---- all proceeds to benefit WatOPot Orphanage, Cambodia.




March 17, 2011

Soccer! Girls Soccer! Women’s Soccer

If you play soccer, we have the shirt for you! To make it extra special we are offering a 20% discount during the month of March.

Enter the code "Soccer2".

Offer expires March 30, 2011.

Now get out there and "Kick Like A Girl"!



March 09, 2011

You Wish You Could Kick Like A Girl

March is a good month to think about getting outside and having some fun.  We are offering a 20% disount on all soccer shirts.....

Enter the code "Soccer2", offer expires March 30th.  Enjoy!  Don't forget to send us your pictures to post.

Soccer Girls - Make Goals.





December 02, 2010

Do you ski? Play Soccer?

Ok, so I am a little biased, the cute little munchkin in the green tee is my niece!  But, truly aren't both of these girls cute?!  They were both superstars at our photo shoot. 

They both embody the spirit of Be A Girl Today.




November 18, 2010

Soccer....Yes! Kick Like A Girl

We have a great t-shirt for soccer!!  It also comes with a super discount of 30%.  Get a start on your Christmas Shopping.  Enter the code:  Kick.  This offer expires 12/15/2010.  Enjoy!! 



December 09, 2009

Meet the "Pink Ladies" of Juneau, Alaska


When Kris from Juneau called and asked "can you do team shirts"... we  said yes, what color??  Kris said, "pink of course".

Take a look at these great pictures (thanks Kris!)...Juneau2

  Juneau Team

Say Hello to the

Pink Ladies

and thank you for the great pictures!!


October 28, 2007

Women and Girls -- They're Everywhere

    Sailing_in_cambodia_6_2                     and they're doing all kinds of things.

Deb one of the Be A Girl Board Members is going to Cambodia.  Now, that's something to blog about.  She doesn't like to write all that much so her friend Bonnie will be submitting the blog.  That doesn't come along until Christmas, but it's exciting to think about.....just imagine the pictures.

Bailey from Northeast Harbor, Maine has a new horse, but we haven't received a Bailey_burr_08_26_07_3 picture yet... but I do know that she has lots of Ride Like a Girl t-shirts. If she sends us a picture, well she will surely get another new shirt. 

Katie and Elizabeth will soon be skiing and riding at Sugaloaf.  You'll be hearing from them the first week in December.  Which reminds me.......Ski_sticker_sample

Half of the Be a Girl Board are heading out to Solitude in Utah for a week of skiing.  It's true.  Even those that haven't skiied in quite a few years are going.   We will be blogging from the beginning to the end of the trip and we have a camera crew coming with us, so the pictures should be fantastic.

Ride_like_a_girl_ad  One more thing, congratulations to Hannah in Cornish -- she is getting a new horse!  That is very exciting.  We will have to get Hannah to write a little about her new horse and send us a picture.

  • A message from Hannah - Age 9

I think that Board Girls at Be a Girl is a big success and hit. I love horseback riding and other sports.  If you haven't gone on the website before, you should go and see this excellent site.  The bumper stickers don't have to go on your car, they can stick on any where.  You should see all the t-shirts with all the colors.

Bye for now Hannah


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