February 08, 2012

Ski Like A Girl......Heads to Paris


Paris, France


Should you be roaming the streets of Paris and you see a familiar face, it's Katie, board member, skiier, Sugarloafer, humanitarian, UNH student -- studying in Paris!

Enjoying life!

Ps: Notice the sticker on the helmet.


May 02, 2011

Sugarloaf Crunch.... Or Meet Us On The Mountain

What a week end at Sugarloaf!  A marriage -- the bride was beautiful, we danced all night, the food was great.  Smiling faces and fun -- that is what it's all about!  My favorite ice cream vendor, from right here in Maine, Stone Fox Farm Creamery, presented us with pints of their delicious ice cream:  Sugarloaf Crunch.  It was the very best, what a treat.  We all wish it could have lasted longer.  What a wonderful week end at Sugarloaf!!




February 27, 2011

Our Ski Ambassadors.....

When we asked for "ski ambassadors", we didn't know how much fun we would have AND how great our ambassadors would be.  We so appreciate their enthusiasm and their handing out stickers and discount cards.  Here are two pictures of our ambassadors.  Hilary, their mom sent me the pictures.  Thanks for the hard work!!!  Now get out there and Ski Like A Girl!!!



February 21, 2011

Carrabassett Valley Academy - CVA'S 2011 Raffle/Auction

It happens every year, and every year it gets a little better.  What is it?  The CVA Raffle and Auction.  For $100 you can buy a ticket, that ticket makes you eligible to win the grand prize of $10,000 as well as the 30+ prizes which are valued at over $100.  Ahh, you could have some major fun!  All proceeds benefit the CVA scholarship fund. This Saturday -- February 26,2011 -- Sugarloaf Inn.

We love CVA -- think of the excitement of almost knowing some of those olympics skiers and boarders, they are practically family, yet we haven't even met them.  It's just a few degrees of separation.  Go out there and support our young men and women of CVA.  Over 40% of the students rely on financial aid in the form of scholarships.

Not to brag, but I heard that Be A Girl Today has a few prizes in the mix. 

Questions - contact Wendy 207.237.4471 or e-mail her at wdarienzzo@goCVA.com.

CVA has a great website --  www.gocva.com.

PS: The Big Raffle Reception -- Live and Silent Auction takes place, Saturday, February 26.

6-8:30 p.m. at the Sugarloaf Inn. 

How can you support this cause?

Buy a Ticket, Donate an Item, Attend the Event -- and Sponsor the Event!! 


February 16, 2011

Good Morning from Maine....it's a busy month!

Today we are sending dressage shirts and children's ski t's (in a very cool lime green) to the Maine Maven.  Now, we do know that the Maven does not ride dressage (rumor has it she can be found on the golf course ...in the summer), but we're thinking that the UMO Dressage Team may want to stop by and pick up a dressage tee (available in black and in white).  They can be found at the Maine Maven, Mill Street in Orono.  I haven't been to the store (yet) but have heard you can find some amazing items.  IMGA0022 

Our second shipment is going to Jeremy Cota of the U.S. Ski Team, oh yes, we are traveling in "ski circles", well actually, I haven't met Jeremy, but my new assistant Kerriann made the connection.  So here's hoping that those shirts are well-received.  I would so enjoy turning on my TV and seeing a BAGT-Ski tee at a U.S. Ski Team event.  I would probably go into a ski coma!!  Shirts are also going out to Philadelphia, Arkansas, Texas and Farmington, ME. 

Thank you so much!!


February 09, 2011

We Love Sugarloaf!

Isn't this a great picture?  I love it!!  Sugarloaf 2010.



January 21, 2011

The Fierce Women of Sugarloaf

WHAT a picture!!  One of our all time favorites.

Still taking applications for "Ski Ambassadors".



January 16, 2011

Say Hello To Siena -- Our Newest Ski Ambassador

Say hello and welcome to Siena one of our very cool and very cute ski ambassadors.  Siena skis at Mt. Hood Meadows in Oregon.  She's had a minor setback in her skiing career, but you will see her out there skiing in her BAGT T, handing out stickers (with a big smile) next year. 

Her mom -- well, she's quite a skiier herself and can be found teaching skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows .  We love our ski ambassadors, and cannot wait to post pictures of  them skiing and riding.

Hey siena -- we're thinking of you!!!  Good thoughts coming your way from Maine!!  Go Siena!!!!



Want to be a ski ambassador ... e-mail us at info@beagirltoday.com


December 02, 2010

Do you ski? Play Soccer?

Ok, so I am a little biased, the cute little munchkin in the green tee is my niece!  But, truly aren't both of these girls cute?!  They were both superstars at our photo shoot. 

They both embody the spirit of Be A Girl Today.




November 06, 2010

Ski - Snowboard - Ride Horses -- Be A Girl Today

Look for some new and interesting styles from Be A Girl -- we will be introducing new colors, long sleeve t's, throw in a hoodie and youv'e got a very fashionable look -- and fun!  Always, send us your suggestions, we listen.  Start your holiday shopping early -- we are offering a 30% discount!   Enter the code "thirty".  Expires November 20, 2010. Enjoy! 



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