September 07, 2011

Jump - Run - Play Like A Girl!

Love these pictures! 

These are some of our "Board Girls" having another great summer in Maine!  Hiking, climbing, swimming, tubing and water skiing!





November 08, 2010

Where are you from? Maine?

Many of our customers frequently ask from what part of Maine are we from and I tell them "as the crow flies we are not too distant from Martha Stewart's lovely summer home on Mt. Desert Island".

We are closer still to the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, where the late Paul Newman's daughter, Nel was once a student.  NEWMAN'S OWN -- What a wonderful contribution they have made in reaching out and helping others.  An inspirational company!

Thank you and Bravo to ..

Newman's Own


September 10, 2010

Visit Bar Harbor, Maine -- and walk through Acadia and Support.......Holly

Holly Cozzi-Burr's Fundraising Page
walking a marathon with my friends

Tonight I finished my training ride through Acadia a little late because Bailey had a soccer game. I had a great time as the air smelled of dry pine and the sun cast on Aunt Betty's Pond looked like shades of mercury. The route carried me past ferns and graded hillsides, fields and mountains, and I finally emerged on Gatehouse Hill to see the harbor bathed in pink light, all boats tied to their moorings and I pedaled harder. I have decided to walk in the MDI Marathon in my 55th year ! I get to celebrate my health and ability, get to raise money for a local charity and spend time with a lot of fun people who are doing the same. In order to enter the race I had to pledge $1,000.00, and have chosen to make the donation to the MDI Music Boosters, a worthy, hard-working group who earn money to make programing and opportunities available to our students at MDI High SchooI.

 I am really thrilled to have a connection to the high school and support the school in this way. As I got closer to home, I wondered if dinner was saved for me and I sent out another hopeful wish as well, that I would acquire enough support to be able to finance this walk. All donations will be gratefully accepted, no matter the amount. I would also be delighted to simply have a note of encouragement. My sincere thanks and appreciation for your consideration of my request.

As Always, Holly

Thank You for becoming a 'Beyond the Finish Line' fundraiser in support of The MDIHS Music Boosters. Don't forget to share the link to your personal fundraising page with your friends, family and co-workers and ask them to sponsor you.

Want to donate:  Click on the link below.





October 12, 2007


  • This was received from Sandra who lives downeast in Cherryfield, Maine overlooking the beautiful Narraguagus River..................

GO RED SOX GO!  We State of Mainers are cheering for you.

Big Poppa, Manny, Beckett and Wakefield will take us all the way!!

                                  Fenway Park  -- Here we come!

                                  (Oh, you poor unhappy Yankee fans)

AND Please don't forget to look into the stands.....because somewhere out there are four women in their Ride LIke a Girl, Kick Like a Girl and Ski Like a Girl T-Shirts -- great representatives of Be a Girl, and Boston Red Sox Fans!



October 11, 2007

Greetings From Maine

  • As Maine experiences a nice warm fall, it brought to mind a comment made by my late uncle, Bud Leavitt, a sportswriter for the Bangor Daily News.

"Maine is the only place on the continent where one can ski Sugarloaf in the morning, play an early round of golf in the day, then fish for landlocked salmon in the afternoon, and end your day fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Maine Coast."

He supported women in sports, covered women's sports and would have been proud to sport a "Ride Like a Girl" bumper sticker. 


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