October 14, 2010

Female Athletes Improving Their Game Starting With Their Mouth Guard


“Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.” This makes you think about Secret deodorant, right? Well, we’re not talking about deodorant here. We’re talking about the Pure Power Mouthguard, and more and more female athletes are using them. Not only does this guard serve as quality mouth protection, but it is helping women prevent injury, and improving their athletic abilities. Yes ladies, you read that correctly. It helps prevent injury and boosts your abilities as an athlete.

Ppm The Pure Power Mouthguard is custom made for your mouth by a neuromuscular dentist, and when properly fitted it helps align the jaw and relaxes the muscles in your face which allows for upper body strength. But it doesn’t end there. When the jaw is properly aligned the head and neck are too. The spine also becomes properly aligned as well which allows for more overall strength. Because of this total alignment women are finding that the PPM enhances their athletic performance. How? Well, we know that when playing sports most injuries occur during deceleration, when an athlete is stopping, cutting, or landing. Women using PPM have noticed that they have more balance and stability, which results in fewer injuries, and they are more agile and quicker which improves their skills. So ladies, what are you waiting for? Try the Pure Power Mouthguard, if not for the enhanced athletic ability and injury prevention, then for the superior mouth protection it offers – and get your game on.

Find a dentist that offers the PPM mouthguard in your area, through Top3Dentists. Doctors like Dr. Martha Cortes, a top neuromuscular and cosmetic dentist in New York, New York, and Dr. Gary Alhadef, a top neuromuscular and cosmetic dentist in Dallas, Texas, work with athletes to custom fit the Pure Power Mouthguard. Take a look at Dr. Cortes in action fitting a patient for a PPM.

Top3Dentists is a one of a kind dental referral website. Offering only the highest standards in dental care, Top3Dentists hand selects dentists by invitation-only, so that patients will find only the most highly trained and qualified dental professionals. Every dentist participating in the Top3Dentists referral website has taken hundreds of hours of additional training and certification by the most reputable continuing education and dental organizations in the United States. For more information on PPM, and other topics like taking your children to the dentist, preventing cavities, tips for teeth whitening, and more help in finding a top dentist in your area, visit Top3Dentists Blog.


September 22, 2009

You Wish You Could Ski Like A Girl



Say Hi to Annabelle! 

Her Mom is the founder of Belle's Biscuits.   You may find Annabelle skiing at Sunday River this year.  If you do, stop by and say hello and don't foget to check out the website....


Come on....Help out a teething toddler!!  You may even enjoy them yourself.

Another great Maine business.

Vegan biscuits, coming soon.



July 30, 2009

Nicole's Run 2009 - Another Sucessful Event

      At the age of 24 Nicole Oliver had her whole life ahead of her.  She was the mother of two little boys, she was attending college and she had a zest for life.  On July 9th 2007 Nicole was shot to death by her husband who then took his own life.   Last year, 2008 Amanda Vanasse took on the task of "Nicole's Run".  She and her team of volunteers have worked tirelessly on the event.  This year, the second year, Nicole's Run  raised over $15,000 for Caring Unlimited, York County's Domestic Violence Program. 

 Nicole would have been proud of her friend.  It's a fun event - attracting people from all over.  Hosted at beautiful Kennebunk Beach (even in the rain) a great place to be.  Below is a picture of the volunteers.  Please be sure to check back for the date and time of next years race.  Hope to see you there. 

 And please e-mail us your stories and comments.  Take a look at the website www.nicolesrun.org.   See you next year --

Nicole's Run 


October 09, 2007

Lynne Goes to Boston

  • Something to think about:

Girls are Athletes.......Not Tomboys

Lucky for us...Lynne O'C had her Kick Like a Girl T-Shirt on at the starting line.

Check out the Tufts 10K Road Race....It's pretty amazing what 7,000 women can do on a beautiful fall day.Eric_169185   More to come about this day......and rumor has it that another sister may do a triathlon, before she turns a certain age (age is only a number).  In which case Be a Girl Today will have a new shirt hitting the market....which will be "Tri Like a Girl" Biking, Swimming and Running.  That is going to be one great shirt.  Leave your comments about colors, type of shirt and any suggestions...it's always helpful to have some input.


October 05, 2007

Kerri's Pancreas Thanks You!

September 2007Nicole_and_bill_4

HI Folks!

Yesterday was the JDRF walk in Stamford, Ct.  Bill (my dog) and I showed up bright and early and met up with the rest of the dLife Team (well, except for the CEO -- but that that's really a different e-mail). 

The day was perfect - still warm but breezy.  Bill needed to bail after lap 2 (he is 13 and gets tired more easily now) but that didn't effect my fundraising!

A special thanks to:Champion_walkers_bill_and_penny

Anthony, Aunt Diane, Aunt Jackie and Uncle Charlie, Elizabeth and Neil O'Hara, Emily, Jennifer and Karl, Leslie, Sam (thanks, dad), Tricia (thanks, Mom) Uncle Jeff and........

My two anonymous donors (your secret is safe with me) -- you helped me raise over $700 (with company matching)!!   Even though Kerri (my coworker and friend who is Type 1) didn't get cured when she walked through the finish line as we wished, hopefully we're one step closer!

Thanks Again, Nicole

PS:  If you didn't get a change to donate, there's still time!

Go to:  http://walk.jdrf.org/walker.com?id=867133221 and donate today.


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