September 03, 2012

Labor Day 2012 - 25% Discount

Today -- Labor Day 2012,  we are offering a twenty-five percent discount on all orders.  That takes the sting out of the end of summer (I hope).

Enter the code Laborday2012 - Expires:  09/06/2012.  Enjoy!

Coming soon:  Women's Ice Hockey T-Shirts (colors yet to be picked).

Hockey Stickers:  Are for sale on the website - when you order one during the month of September, we ship TWO.  If you send us a picture of you or your hockey team - a free sticker for you!

V-Neck Dressage tee's have been ordered as well as black string bags for dressage. 

And, just because I couldn't help myself we are re-stocking pink girls jump tees in size 6/8 and 10/12, they will be available at Freeport Tack, Freeport, Maine -- if you need one in a hurry (at the end of the week).

Happy Labor Day!




October 28, 2010

Maine Mornings

     It's cold and dark at 6:30 - which means getting up in  the dark and coming home in the dark.  Should be depressing, but I am trying to keep positive by thinking of skiing and snowshoeing.  So far it's working (I haven't done either so it gives me something to look forward to!) 

     This week we are sending shirts, bags and stickers to Washington, Canada, Vermont and Delaware ... the internet makes the world so much smaller.  It's still exciting for me thinking of all those BAGT shirts out there all over the world.

     Our new shirt for Just World International...  has been printed and is on it's way to Jessica at JWI (based in Florida).  The back of the shirt is so "international" with "I Ride Like A Girl" ... in three languages, English, French and Spanish -- Yes! It is gray with lime green letting.  Proceeds from this shirt will go to JWI.  

     Saturday -- we will be doing a photo shoot.  I have lined up girls and women from near and far, some came willingly, others had to be bribed.  Seriously, some people just hate having their picture taken... and I am one of them.  The D4K (Dressage for Kids) Team will be there!  Our photographer, no amateur this time, we have a real photographer with a real camera and real credentials Joel Page  We will take pictures with our little Canon camera and put them up after the photo shoot, which will be called "After The Shoot".  I am so looking forward to this and to our new website. 

     Pass this one -- we love new readers.



Entering the code "OctFun" for a 30% discount!!! This expires 11/01/2010. Enjoy,


March 12, 2010

Be A Girl Today - will be at Pineland Equestrian Center


What an opportunity! 

This will be Pineland Farms

Second Annual Stallion Show.

When:  Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time:  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Look for us -- we have a booth and will (we hope) be next to Mobile Cone. 

BAGT products AND ice cream, what a day.  This is a beautiful place to spend some quality horse time.  Can't wait!!

Pineland Farms



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