August 05, 2012

Two Maine Moms

I was behind a car tonight at a red light and a bumper sticker caught my eye. “Ski Like a Girl,” it said, with a picture of a female on skis. I quickly jotted down the website, as I felt my blood pressure starting to rise....Yes, I thought, this bumper sticker has it right! This is total b**sh**! Why is it acceptable to degrade girls when insulting boys, ie: You look, play, hit (you fill in the blank) like a girl, you're a sissy, a mary, etc.,etc. As the mother of a nine-year-old girl, this is super depressing. Insults like these are so common, they have become normalized. Curious about what is all about and hoping they would understand my frustration, I looked it up.

And what a great company it turned out to be! Calling their product line “inspiration ready apparel and accessories,” I was doubly thrilled to find out that this awesome company is actually located in Kennebunk, Maine. Stating on their website, “Girls are athletes, not tomboys,” they sell t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and bumper stickers that say things like,“You Wish You Could Ride Like a Girl,” “Play Like a Girl,” and other empowering messages. A line of hockey-related products is also in the works.

I, personally would love to see "Think Like a Girl" added as well. Hell ya! Be a girl today and be proud.


Copied from the "Two Maine Mom's" Blog - which appears to have disappeared.  But thanks  Sarah!


May 19, 2012

Girls Are Athletes -- Not Tomboys

Be A Girl Today -- has used the slogan "Girls Are Athletes -- Not Tomboys" from the very beginning, long before websites, stickers, bags and t'shirts.

As we have developed our different lines, we have always used strong images to portray women and girls in sports.  

We would love to post your stories and pictures.  Tell us what it's like to be on a team, learn a new sport, to win or lose a game.  To be picked last or to be the team captain.  Share your enthusiasm for the female athlete -- we will print it for sure.  Pictures are always appreciated.

Thank you 

The BAGT Team



September 13, 2011

STOP JC Penney and Forever 21






 Hello -- are you listening out there!  What an outrage!  I just pulled this article off the internet, but I must say I cannot believe in this day and age people are still saying these types of things to young girls.




Stop JC Penney and Forever 21 from putting more sexist clothing on their shelves.

Girls are Allergic to Algebra?


Clicking here will automatically add your name to this petition to JC Penney and Forever 21:

"Clearly something is broken if your companies are marketing shirts to young girls that read "Allergic to Algebra" or "I'm too pretty to do homework." You pulled those two products from the shelves after outraged customers complained, but you need to go further and make a public commitment to improve your review process and ensure you never again stock clothing for girls featuring sexist and demeaning slogans."

Automatically add your name:


Dear Friend,

Just yesterday, retailer Forever 21 began offering for sale a shirt for girls emblazoned with the slogan "Allergic to Algebra." And a few weeks ago, JC Penney offered similar girls' shirts with the slogan "I'm too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me."

Sexist slogans like these play into and perpetuate the offensive stereotypes that women are innately bad at math or that being pretty is more important than being smart. By selling these shirts, the stores give their implicit support of these efforts to convince girls that, to be stylish and fit in, they must be bad at math or less interested than boys in academic achievement.

After backlash from outraged customers, the both shirts were pulled from the shelves and online stores.1 But how did the sexist shirts get there in the first place? Clearly, something is totally broken within the corporate culture of these retailers. There is no effective review process for the clothing sold at JC Penney and Forever 21 if offensive clothing like this that demeans young girls makes it to their shelves.

Tell the CEOs of JC Penney and Forever 21 that you will hold them accountable for the clothing that is sold in their stores. Demand they make a public commitment to keep sexist clothing for girls from making it to their shelves in the future. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

These retailers are clearly sensitive to public pressure, as evidenced by how quickly they pulled the shirts after a public backlash arose. But that's not good enough. We must pressure JC Penney and Forever 21 to make the changes necessary at corporate headquarters to ensure sexist shirts like these never even come close to making it to the shelves.

Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of people at JC Penney and Forever 21 encountered these shirts before they were made available to the public. Why didn't employees of these retailers at some point say, "Hey, are we really going to sell shirts to young girls that say 'I'm too pretty for homework' or 'Allergic to Algebra'?"

It's obvious that these shirts perpetuate offensive and harmful stereotypes about the ability of women to achieve academically relative to men. Of course, many studies have confirmed that these stereotypes are baseless, and that women's minds are just as well suited to performing academically as men's.

But, because popular culture is so powerful, many women and girls will conform to negative stereotypes of what a woman is supposed to achieve if they are continually reinforced. Stores like JC Penney and Forever 21 help shape that culture through the clothing they sell.

It's clear that these stores listen to public pressure, but we must pressure JC Penney and Forever 21 to take concrete steps to ensure that clothing this sexist never even comes close to making it onto shelves again.

Tell the CEOs of JC Penney and Forever 21 that you will hold them accountable for the clothing that is sold in their stores. Demand they make a public commitment to keep sexist clothing for girls from making it to their shelves in the future. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Thank you for standing up to sexism.

Ali Rozell, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. "J.C. Penney Shirt Teaches Girls That Being Smart & Pretty Are Mutually Exclusive," Ellie Krupnick, Huffington Post, 08-03-2011.
"Forever 21′s 'Allergic to Algebra' Shirt Draws Criticism," Christina Ng, ABC News, 09-12-2011.










November 08, 2010

Where are you from? Maine?

Many of our customers frequently ask from what part of Maine are we from and I tell them "as the crow flies we are not too distant from Martha Stewart's lovely summer home on Mt. Desert Island".

We are closer still to the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, where the late Paul Newman's daughter, Nel was once a student.  NEWMAN'S OWN -- What a wonderful contribution they have made in reaching out and helping others.  An inspirational company!

Thank you and Bravo to ..

Newman's Own


October 14, 2010

Female Athletes Improving Their Game Starting With Their Mouth Guard


“Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.” This makes you think about Secret deodorant, right? Well, we’re not talking about deodorant here. We’re talking about the Pure Power Mouthguard, and more and more female athletes are using them. Not only does this guard serve as quality mouth protection, but it is helping women prevent injury, and improving their athletic abilities. Yes ladies, you read that correctly. It helps prevent injury and boosts your abilities as an athlete.

Ppm The Pure Power Mouthguard is custom made for your mouth by a neuromuscular dentist, and when properly fitted it helps align the jaw and relaxes the muscles in your face which allows for upper body strength. But it doesn’t end there. When the jaw is properly aligned the head and neck are too. The spine also becomes properly aligned as well which allows for more overall strength. Because of this total alignment women are finding that the PPM enhances their athletic performance. How? Well, we know that when playing sports most injuries occur during deceleration, when an athlete is stopping, cutting, or landing. Women using PPM have noticed that they have more balance and stability, which results in fewer injuries, and they are more agile and quicker which improves their skills. So ladies, what are you waiting for? Try the Pure Power Mouthguard, if not for the enhanced athletic ability and injury prevention, then for the superior mouth protection it offers – and get your game on.

Find a dentist that offers the PPM mouthguard in your area, through Top3Dentists. Doctors like Dr. Martha Cortes, a top neuromuscular and cosmetic dentist in New York, New York, and Dr. Gary Alhadef, a top neuromuscular and cosmetic dentist in Dallas, Texas, work with athletes to custom fit the Pure Power Mouthguard. Take a look at Dr. Cortes in action fitting a patient for a PPM.

Top3Dentists is a one of a kind dental referral website. Offering only the highest standards in dental care, Top3Dentists hand selects dentists by invitation-only, so that patients will find only the most highly trained and qualified dental professionals. Every dentist participating in the Top3Dentists referral website has taken hundreds of hours of additional training and certification by the most reputable continuing education and dental organizations in the United States. For more information on PPM, and other topics like taking your children to the dentist, preventing cavities, tips for teeth whitening, and more help in finding a top dentist in your area, visit Top3Dentists Blog.


January 29, 2008

Good Morning - Cambodia


Debbie and Bonnie are back from Cambodia. Take a look at these great pictures -- theyCambodia1755z1  both spent their time working in an orphanage.  More to follow.  Nice shirts -- nice women, too!  Doing some great work.

Take a look at Deb and Bonnie in Cambodia



October 05, 2007

Kerri's Pancreas Thanks You!

September 2007Nicole_and_bill_4

HI Folks!

Yesterday was the JDRF walk in Stamford, Ct.  Bill (my dog) and I showed up bright and early and met up with the rest of the dLife Team (well, except for the CEO -- but that that's really a different e-mail). 

The day was perfect - still warm but breezy.  Bill needed to bail after lap 2 (he is 13 and gets tired more easily now) but that didn't effect my fundraising!

A special thanks to:Champion_walkers_bill_and_penny

Anthony, Aunt Diane, Aunt Jackie and Uncle Charlie, Elizabeth and Neil O'Hara, Emily, Jennifer and Karl, Leslie, Sam (thanks, dad), Tricia (thanks, Mom) Uncle Jeff and........

My two anonymous donors (your secret is safe with me) -- you helped me raise over $700 (with company matching)!!   Even though Kerri (my coworker and friend who is Type 1) didn't get cured when she walked through the finish line as we wished, hopefully we're one step closer!

Thanks Again, Nicole

PS:  If you didn't get a change to donate, there's still time!

Go to: and donate today.


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