February 09, 2013

Storm Sale -- 30% Off For a Limited Time.

Enjoy the snow, and there is plenty of snow to enjoy.

We are offering a discount on all shirts and stickers -- enter the code:  Storm30 and receive a thirty percent discount!!

We are pretty limited on what we have to offer as we phase out the old in bring in the new!!!

Discount Code:  Storm30

Expires:  14 February 2013



November 30, 2012

Free Shipping.... Everyone has free shipping!

I've been shopping and blogging and one thing is for sure -- free shipping is the way to go.  SO, until the end of this year, the 2012 -- we have "Complimentary Shipping".  Stated in most places as "free shipping".

Enter the code:  Free2012, expires 12/31/2012

That's a deal.

One thing is certain:  if you go to the mall and you see Santa, well the kids are so darn cute, it would be impossible to not smile!  The kids are just so earnest!!

Enjoy free shipping on us and by all means visit Santa!

If you have time, put a "Ski Like A Girl" sticker on Santa's sleigh.



Big Sky (2)





September 03, 2012

Labor Day 2012 - 25% Discount

Today -- Labor Day 2012,  we are offering a twenty-five percent discount on all orders.  That takes the sting out of the end of summer (I hope).

Enter the code Laborday2012 - Expires:  09/06/2012.  Enjoy!

Coming soon:  Women's Ice Hockey T-Shirts (colors yet to be picked).

Hockey Stickers:  Are for sale on the website - when you order one during the month of September, we ship TWO.  If you send us a picture of you or your hockey team - a free sticker for you!

V-Neck Dressage tee's have been ordered as well as black string bags for dressage. 

And, just because I couldn't help myself we are re-stocking pink girls jump tees in size 6/8 and 10/12, they will be available at Freeport Tack, Freeport, Maine -- if you need one in a hurry (at the end of the week).

Happy Labor Day!




August 21, 2012

Hockey Girls, Hockey Women -- Ice Hockey

Buy one, get one free -- 
Send us a photo and receive a sticker of your choice.  Team pictures are great!

Offer expires 10/31/2012



August 08, 2012

Sometimes you need a little "shipping help"....

August is "Free Shipping" month, so start ordering!  Some items are limited, as we are changing up colors and maybe a few designs!

Hockey stickers have been ordered -- and will be in hopefully, by  Friday.

Order Up: enter the code:  Augustship for free shipping.  Expires 08/31/2012

Sit back, relax and your package will arrive, postage paid.  Now that's a deal!sts


Expires 08/31/2012



June 23, 2012

Summer, Happy Summer = A Sale



We think it is time for a sale.  Out with the old and in with the new (or something like that).  Time to bring in some new colors!  Introduce women's ice hockey and make some new friends.

The Summer 2012 discount is Twenty-Five percent!  Not too bad!  You don't have to leave home, just order on-line.

Enter the code "twentyfive" to receive your discount.

Offer expires:  July 6, 2012.





Tri For A Cure 2012




May 09, 2012

Free Sticker -- Thursday May 10!

Hello!  Thursday, May 10th will be Free Sticker Thursday.  E-mail your request to:  [email protected] and it will go right out.

Thank you. !!  Expires at Midnight..



March 11, 2012

Sale! Enter the code "SpringAhead" for a 25% discount.

We are getting ready for some new items and adding a few new designs. Some things are limited, so good luck. Expires: 03/31/2012. Spring is coming! We had a taste of it..."SpringAhead" only four more days.



February 09, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day.......Soccer Girls! (and women)


Valentine's Day brings a discount for you. We are offering a 20% discount on all shirts, both adult and children's sizes -- AND we are including a free sticker of your choice.

Enter the code: soccer20 for children's sizes and soccer20adult for adult sizes.

This offer expires on February 29, 2012.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Leap Year!


November 07, 2011

Perks, Perks, Perks

The Holiday Gift Guide from Mommy Perks is out....there are so many interesting and fun things,  it's hard to know what to order first.  There are discounts, giveaways and great ideas for the holiday that is coming ..... it always arrives quicker then we think.  Don't forget to look for us!

Mommy Perks



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