May 25, 2011

The Swap -- Comes to Maine


Swapping is sweeping the nation.  It's fun and, of course, it's thrifty.  Portland held their first Swap at Head Games on Saturday, May 21st, Portland, Maine!

It was a huge success.  I was greeted at the door by Keriann (of Bliss and BAGT fame) and Mara of Mainely Mara.  Both had on the cutest aprons (I read on another blog that the aprons have magic powers).  If so, I want one!  Maybe the trademark of SwapMaine should be....aprons.  Auction them off, sell them, wear them.  I don't know, but I will be sporting one at the family lobsterbake.  But that is a different blog for a different day.

I saw some definite finds -- a silk Ralph Lauren blouse, a pair of (way too small for me) AG jeans and lots of great, great clothes.  Anything that is left over gets donated to Good Will.

Thanks to SwapMaine for such a great event.  We're all looking forward to ....meeting you at the Swap!!


You get to fill and keep your Swap Bag!



September 10, 2010

Visit Bar Harbor, Maine -- and walk through Acadia and Support.......Holly

Holly Cozzi-Burr's Fundraising Page
walking a marathon with my friends

Tonight I finished my training ride through Acadia a little late because Bailey had a soccer game. I had a great time as the air smelled of dry pine and the sun cast on Aunt Betty's Pond looked like shades of mercury. The route carried me past ferns and graded hillsides, fields and mountains, and I finally emerged on Gatehouse Hill to see the harbor bathed in pink light, all boats tied to their moorings and I pedaled harder. I have decided to walk in the MDI Marathon in my 55th year ! I get to celebrate my health and ability, get to raise money for a local charity and spend time with a lot of fun people who are doing the same. In order to enter the race I had to pledge $1,000.00, and have chosen to make the donation to the MDI Music Boosters, a worthy, hard-working group who earn money to make programing and opportunities available to our students at MDI High SchooI.

 I am really thrilled to have a connection to the high school and support the school in this way. As I got closer to home, I wondered if dinner was saved for me and I sent out another hopeful wish as well, that I would acquire enough support to be able to finance this walk. All donations will be gratefully accepted, no matter the amount. I would also be delighted to simply have a note of encouragement. My sincere thanks and appreciation for your consideration of my request.

As Always, Holly

Thank You for becoming a 'Beyond the Finish Line' fundraiser in support of The MDIHS Music Boosters. Don't forget to share the link to your personal fundraising page with your friends, family and co-workers and ask them to sponsor you.

Want to donate:  Click on the link below.





February 18, 2010

Coastal Studies for Girls -- opens their doors in Freeport, Maine

1st class Feb 15, 2010Coastal Studies for Girls welcomed the pioneer class of thirteen extraordinary young women and their families on Sunday, February 14th. Students arrived by car, bus and a red-eye flight from the west coast. Their hometowns range from Freeport, Camden, Manchester and Vinalhaven, Maine; to Boston, Massachusetts; Queens, New York; Charlotte and Poultney, Vermont; Westport, Connecticut; Owings Mills, Maryland; and Los Angeles, California.


father and daughterAs girls unpacked and met their classmates, families had an opportunity to talk with faculty and staff and to socialize with other parents and friends. Executive Director Pam Erickson warmly welcomed everyone in a big "circle up" - a CSG tradition - and thanked both the girls and their families for being pioneers in this new endeavor. She gave thanks for all the people who helped nurture the vision to provide girls with a safe place to grow, explore and dream. Faculty and staff also introduced familiesthemselves and shared their hopes for the coming semester. After a delicious home-cooked turkey dinner, students settled down for their first night in the newly-renovated farmhouse. Under Monday and Tuesday's sunny skies, students participated in morning solo reflections, team building activities, and tidepool explorations.  Today classes kick off  the fast-paced academic semester ahead.


Visit their website



September 21, 2009

The Maine Event!

So much going on in Maine - always!  But the fall seems especially busy (and fun).  I am looking forward to Maine Carriage Days at the Topsham Fairgrounds, which will take place on Saturday, October 3rd (this is an all day event).


I have to say this, Mobile Cone will be there!!  More ice cream -- can't wait, can't wait. Follow that truck!  Because I do.   I suggest you try the Maple Walnut -- delicious.  Equusine and Mobile Cone will be providing food and refreshments.  A treat for all of us.

We have a new soccer shirt -- it's been so well-received that I wish we had thought of it sooner.  White with red lettering - on the back it says

"You wish you could kick like a girl". 


Ilove this picture....
Doesn't it just make you want to go riding!

Summer Fun - Robin Shen Beach


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