Storm Sale -- 30% Off For a Limited Time.

Enjoy the snow, and there is plenty of snow to enjoy.

We are offering a discount on all shirts and stickers -- enter the code:  Storm30 and receive a thirty percent discount!!

We are pretty limited on what we have to offer as we phase out the old in bring in the new!!!

Discount Code:  Storm30

Expires:  14 February 2013


December 11, 2012

Get Out There and Kick Like A Girl!!

Our soccer shirt -- always a favorite!!  Order yours today.  Enter the code "Free2012" for free shipping.

Happy Holidays -- all you soccer girls and women.


The back of this shirt says: You Wish You Could Kick Like A Girl

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November 30, 2012

Free Shipping.... Everyone has free shipping!

I've been shopping and blogging and one thing is for sure -- free shipping is the way to go.  SO, until the end of this year, the 2012 -- we have "Complimentary Shipping".  Stated in most places as "free shipping".

Enter the code:  Free2012, expires 12/31/2012

That's a deal.

One thing is certain:  if you go to the mall and you see Santa, well the kids are so darn cute, it would be impossible to not smile!  The kids are just so earnest!!

Enjoy free shipping on us and by all means visit Santa!

If you have time, put a "Ski Like A Girl" sticker on Santa's sleigh.



Big Sky (2)




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November 28, 2012

Shop Be A Girl .... Ski Like A Girl, Ride Like A Girl, Kick Like A Girl

I was shopping!  I went out to my car, drove to the mall and couldn’t find a place to park.  I ended up at Chipolte Grill and ate a burrito, went back to the mall….that would be the “Maine Mall” and shopped. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I found so much other “stuff”.  It was great.  I left my  house and had nothing in mind to buy but I got some great Christmas presents.

You can always shop at Be A Girl Today – you don’t even have to leave the house.  Just order up:  we’ll mail it right out, of course, you may miss a visit to your favorite eatery, but that’s ok.  You won’t be tired!

Happy Holidays!


Ps:  I must say that it was great to see Santa.

I put a “Ski Like A Girl” sticker on his sleigh. 

Look for it on Christmas Eve.


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November 27, 2012

Featured Blog: Year of Plenty

NAME: Craig Goodwin BLOG: Year of Plenty TYPEPAD MEMBER SINCE: 2008 WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: A companion to Goodwin's book of the same name, Year of Plenty recounts the year his family lived by four simple but radical rules: buy local, buy used, homegrown, and homemade. Resplendent with photos, anecdotes, and plenty of local news and announcements, this blog will get you excited about taking on a year of plenty of your own. FOLLOW: Typepad | Twitter

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Only A Few More Days! 20% Discount

We are offering a twenty percent discount, or as some say a 20% discount.  So many reasons.  First one being the most beautiful baby was born today.  She doesn't have a name yet, but she will - very soon.

Shopping can be so darn annoying - will she like it, I don't want her to like it, I want her to love it, will it fit, what if she doesn't like the color,WHAT if she doesn't like the gift.  So much angst, then boom -- it's over.  Wrapping paper everywhere, people are tired and then you look up and here she comes with her Be A Girl Today t'shirt on and she's smiling and happy.

That's what we are here for!!

Enter the code:  Turkey20, expires 12/02/2012


BAGT_Ski_tee_2012_preview_2 (1)




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November 26, 2012

20% Discount! It's true....

So shop, and enjoy a 20% discount.  Enter the code "Turkey20",  this offer expires 12/01/2012.

Enjoy the season.

All those expressions - like shop till you drop, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Tired of all that?  I am!

I don't like the idea of people having to gulp down their Thanksgiving or Christimas dinner and then go to

work waiting on people.  We should have a few days a year -- where stores are closed and we can all enjoy our friends and family.

So shop, enjoy and take your time, the holidays come and go faster and faster each year.



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November 24, 2012


Good Morning Shoppers!
Shopping on-line.... we are offering a 20% discount, enter the code "Turkey20". Expires 12/01/2012.
Happy Holidays.

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October 30, 2012

Today -- October 30th is "Free Sticker Tuesday" -- oh yes! E-mail us at for your sticker of choice. Don't forget to friend us on FaceBook!
Expires tonight at midnight.

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October 18, 2012

Ski Like A Girl......

Changing it up --  just a bit, with a new more modern approach to our iconic "Ski Like A Girl" t-shirt.

A new color and a change up in the graphics makes for a brand new shirt.  Out with the old, well not really, we will keep the navy t and add this new shirt.  Change is good!!  On the website.... soon!  Pre-order by e-mailing

BAGT_Ski_tee_2012_preview_2 (1)

Designer:  Ken Murphy 

Murphy Empire

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