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August 19, 2012

Dressage Riding... and our New Dressage Tee

A friend of mine said that dressage was boring to watch, I couldn't believe someone would say that, it's SO interesting and also I think amazing.  It's incredibly difficult and as with all sports when done well, it looks easy.  Anyone who has been told to drop their stirrups two holes knows what I mean.  Years and years of practice and still working on that sitting trot.  If the words "relax" have any meaning to you, then you know what I am talking about.  If you think dressage is easy or boring, you need to take a lesson. That will soon change your mind.  Same with jumping -- it looks easy, all I can say is:  pray that horse doesn't stop before that triple and of course, remember to keep your head up.  See, there's alot to this horseback riding stuff.

Enjoy dressage?  Visit Pineland Equestrian Center, New Gloucester, Maine . Pineland Farms-- they have a great dressage program and a beautiful, beautiful riding ring.  A pleasure to visit and watch their many programs, the indoor is heated!  The facilities are so enjoyable to visit, they have a farm store, too.

Dressage Tees -

After some thought and consideration, we are changing our dressage tees -- just a bit.  The black dressage tee will soon be available in a v-neck.  Pictures to follow, just thought it might be fun to keep you updated.


We are also ordering string bags (great for helmets, lunch, school, teams, fun).  The bags will be black with the dressage logo.  Perfect for gifts (holidays will be here before we can say snow).

Send us your pictures, dressage or otherwise.  We will post them and send you a sticker of your choice, don't ride dressage?  We have hunter jumper stickers, soccer, ski, and our newest:  Ice Hockey!  We love getting your e-mails and pictures, keeps us connected.





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