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June 23, 2012

Summer, Happy Summer = A Sale



We think it is time for a sale.  Out with the old and in with the new (or something like that).  Time to bring in some new colors!  Introduce women's ice hockey and make some new friends.

The Summer 2012 discount is Twenty-Five percent!  Not too bad!  You don't have to leave home, just order on-line.

Enter the code "twentyfive" to receive your discount.

Offer expires:  July 6, 2012.





Tri For A Cure 2012




June 12, 2012

Next Tuesday - June 19th will be Free Sticker Tuesday. So mark your calendars. Don't pre-order, because we only honor requests on the Free Sticker Day!




June 07, 2012

YOU Wish You Could Kick Like A Girl!

One  of our most popular shirts is our Soccer T.  We've printed it in a few different colors, but the message is always the same -- get out there and have some fun!!   Women's and girl's soccer = a great time!







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