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March 20, 2011

Girls are Athletes – Not Tomboys .. Part 2

I was just reading through some of the older blog posts, and this one inspired me!!  I am reposting, enjoy!


Part 2:

I'm Eve's friend, and a "retired" Olympian.  I was on the 1988 Olympic Women's rowing team, and coached rowing from 1982 on at UPenn, Harvard and University of NH until I switched to teaching in 1998.   My daughter now rows at Yale.

I LOVE that logo.  Do it.  I'll buy the shirt.


Part 1:

At BAGT we have many slogans, "You Wish You Could Kick Like a Girl", "You Wish You Could Ski Like A Girl". We have – "Girls Who Play Hockey, Make Goals", "Play Like A Girl", all kinds of sayings to empower girls. Borne out of a remark from one girl – who said to her mother. … Mom, the kids say I am a tomboy – Mom says, "Davis you are not a tomboy, you are an athlete". Bingo, our star saying was launched. I was reminded of that today after receiving an e-mail from a mother of two girls. She loves the saying, and thinks it would make a great shirt. It just may happen. Thanks to Eve from NH.



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LOVE-go girl athletes!!
Love, Goddess

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